Blog 3 in the Series on the Power of Asking For Help - A Better Way to Live

Blog 3 in the Series on the Power of Asking For Help -  A Better Way to Live


Welcome to a three-part blog series on “The Power of Asking for Help”.  The book excerpt is from one of my latest coauthoring projects, Cracking The Rich Code.  This book features Best Selling Author and one of the World’s Top 20 Success Coaches and Top 50 Speakers in Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington, Star of the Hit TV Show Shark Tank.  In addition, the book is endorsed by Tony Robbins.

 The focus of my book chapter was on The Power of Asking for Help.  This topic is near and dear to my heart because it has become a part of my story.  In fact, asking for help is the story of a lot of people.

 In my first blog post in this series, Learning Not to Ask, I addressed my childhood and adult experiences of not asking for help.  In the second blog in this series, Gaining Wisdom, I addressed my biblical and life experiences.  I complete my blog series by offering my learning and helpful experiences.

 Asking questions and raising my hand for help was a learned experience.  Is it always easy? No.  However, I’ve come to appreciate finding the gift of an answer when I’ve dared to surrender going it alone.

 I hope you enjoy the experiences I’ve learned from and now can pass down to you.


Learning Experiences


CAUTION: Throughout my journey, I’ve experienced all four of these fears – and likely more. I learned that asking for help requires taking a risk and overcoming fear.  While taking a risk may not end with your desired outcome, you can learn great things when you make the attempt and uncover opportunities you may not have realized existed.  And in the end, that risk may lead you right to where you are supposed to be.


TRUE MAN TIP: Seek wise counsel when seeking help. What does this mean? Prayer and self-reflection are essential choices. Additionally, find a coach who helps you navigate options, make decisions, and take action. This person should offer insight, discernment, and knowledge. Most importantly, this person should ask good questions, actively listen, and help you connect to your heart for answers.

 Overcoming these fears and finding the power of asking for help can build hope and confidence. Furthermore, having the humility to ask for help shows tremendous character and resolve. Most of us know we don't have everything figured out and can benefit significantly from asking others for help.

 Typically, the challenge we perceive or the situation we find ourselves experiencing differs from the result. The reality is the way we frame our problems can dictate the outcomes we are able to see and achieve. If your attitude is, "I'm going it alone," or "I'm not asking for help," you may get what you ask for in a highly negative way.

 Did my lazy eye start me on the road I planned to travel? No, but how I felt about wearing glasses certainly triggered something I never intended to happen. My mindset toward the situation was not the best, and I'm amazed at how events at such a young age can affect how you see things even later in life. Despite this challenge, I learned how to take more control of my life by asking for help and having an intimate relationship with Christ.

 Throughout my journey and while working with other men, I've never met a man who enjoys feeling guilty, burned out, depressed, or isolated. Have you? Most men crave connection and support. Unfortunately, the discomfort of staying where they're at in life sometimes feels less painful than the comfort of finding helpful answers.


Helpful Experiences


Asking for help is a healthy, vital, and powerful way to live. What can you do? Be assertive, take action, discern options, and confront your emotions directly.

 Admittedly, it took me a long time to figure this out. My transformation came with much practice. However, it also emerged by developing a closer relationship with Christ and through understanding that my prayer requests were being heard and that my answers would be ready when I was.

 Renowned motivational speaker Les Brown states, "Ask for not because you're weak, but because you want to remain strong." Author Robert Kiyosaki states it differently, "One of the biggest defects in life is the inability to ask for help." But, like many things in life, asking for help is a choice worth making.

 Asking for help is a life skill worth learning because the true discomfort is not in asking, but in the isolation of moving through life alone.

 It's often said that "Help is just a phone call away." And, as mentioned earlier in the Bible, "Seek, and ye shall find." Matthew 7:7 However you look at it, I believe help is all in the ask. If you knew asking for help was all it took to begin making a massive change in your life, would you?

 If all you had to do was raise your hand in the air and ask for help, would you let someone help you?

 May I ask you this? If you're searching, frustrated, and confused at the daily grind of life, or if you're isolated and wondering, "Is there more to life than this?" Please put your hand in the air and ask for help. Go to my website: There are plenty of no-cost resources available to immediately assist you. If you prefer, you can also schedule a time for us to talk.

 By using the power of help, you can become the True Man you seek.




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