Building Positive Relationships in Your Life

People come and go as we progress throughout our lives. Some will be amazing and endure a long time; others, regrettably, will be fleeting and miserable.   On the True Man Podcast,  Episode 49, I spoke with Roy Biancalana about relationship fitness and how to get back on track and increase your chances of having more positive relationships. 

Do you seem to attract more negative than pleasant relationships? Despite our best efforts to build strong, stable, and joyful relationships, it appears that we sometimes wind up with the exact opposite. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could attract more pleasant relationships? The good news is that you absolutely can!

To enjoy more pleasant interactions in your life, try some of these simple tips:

Patience is number one. It takes time to build a great relationship. It takes time to nourish and develop them into something that will last a long time. You must have the patience to allow these relationships to bloom into your life.

* Don't hurry into a relationship that you believe will be beneficial to you. You might be pleasantly surprised by what happens down the road.

Believe in your own worthiness. Maintain a good attitude and avoid negative feelings or self-perceptions. Recognize that you deserve to be in pleasant, secure relationships.

* If you find yourself thinking badly, you must quickly change your mind. Regain your self-assurance by clearing your mind.

* Keep in mind that positive energy attracts positive energy. You will be rewarded with positive results if you think of optimistic ideas.

* The positive energy you give off to others will eventually attract positive connections into your life. So set a solid example for the kind of friend or companion you're looking for!

Be honest with yourself and with others. Others will detect if you are not true to yourself, whether you think it or not. Don't pretend to be someone you're not; it's a bad way to present oneself to people.

*Positive attracts positive, but negative draws negative as well, as previously stated. Show your true self to others, even your shortcomings. They'll be able to build a stronger bond with you because of your open and receptive heart.

* Allow them to see your true self and personality by being sincere with them. You could dishonor yourself if you try too hard to act like someone else.

Relationships aren't something to take for granted. Always remember to express gratitude for the important relationships in your life. They may not be as many as you'd want, but instead of whining, be grateful for the ones you have now and in the past.

* You'll have an easier time attracting future beneficial partnerships if you express your gratitude honestly.

Be truthful. If you're in a bad relationship right now, it'll be difficult to attract positive people into your life. Always be truthful to yourself and others. Make a conscious decision to either improve that relationship or end it.

* Being honest will open the door to more positive and trusting relationships in your life.

As the old saying goes, "Nothing worth having in life comes easily." Attracting positive relationships - and weeding out the negative ones - may not be an easy task, but it'll make for a better and more fulfilling life.




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