Fear, He is a Liar

I’m sure many of you, have heard the song by Zach Williams entitled Fear is a Liar.  There is a phrase in the song that goes:

Fear, he is a liar
He will take your breath
Stop you in your steps
Fear, he is a liar
He will rob your rest
Steal your happiness
Cast your fear in the fire
'Cause fear, he is a liar

Men, I’m not sure Zach Williams could be any clearer on this, fear is a liar.  So why then, do we tolerate it, why do we live with it, why do we let it control our lives?  Interestingly enough, the phrase “fear not” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible.

Not all fear is bad, after all, it is a survival mechanism.  If you confront a wild bear in the woods, fear says run, but that is all too easy of an example because we are living in a time and place of fear-based news, fear-based politics, fear-based pandemics, fear, fear, fear.  If you allow it, fear will get in the way of you being the man you want to be and having the life with God you desire.


Hear more about fear on the True Man Podcast, Fear, He is a Liar, Episode #10, where I expand on this topic.


Short of aligning yourself with God, taking action on things you fear is the only way to suffocate it and move forward in the direction of your greatest desires.  Writing this blog strikes fear into my heart, and so does doing a podcast and being on video, are you kidding me?  Why do it, because God has placed making an impact on others ahead of any fear I have about being on a podcast, or a video, or writing a blog.

Men, what strikes fear in your heart?  What kind of man, father, or spouse could you be if it wasn’t there?

Let’s look at fear Biblically through the eyes of the Apostles. Jesus is hours away from His crucifixion, and He has told you—after three-plus years of constant companionship—that He is returning to the Father. Your Lord, your friend, your teacher, your protector...gone. You must carry on His work, in a hostile world, on your own.

How would you have felt? Powerless. Fearful. Daunted. Who will take care of you? How will you accomplish the task, He is leaving you. What will your future be like?

The Lord did not leave them in the dark, and neither does He leave us.  This is a journey of trust over fear.

John 14 overflows with promises of His help, plan, and presence. Jesus opens the chapter by assuring the men He is leaving them only to prepare a place for them in Heaven, to which He will one day come and take them (vv. 1-3). He promises answered prayer (vv. 12-14), and repeatedly mentions the necessity of obedience (vv. 15, 21-24).

Men, this is perhaps a never-ending conversation because of the fallen world we live in.  Not letting fear rule you is going to be one of the most important ways you begin to be the man, the father, and the spouse that you want to become.

Know this, God wants you to fight for this, not just for you but your family.  Nehemiah 4:12-14,20 “Therefore, I position men behind the lower parts of the wall at the openings.  I set people according to their families with their swords and their spears and their bows…I said to the nobles, leaders, and people, “Do not be afraid of them.  Remember, the Lord is great and awesome.  Fight for your brother, fight for your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses…Whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there.  Our God will fight for us”.

Keep fighting men because fear, he is liar.




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